Starting With A Search... Can Save You Money

As an inventor, you are searching the Internet for the best way to protect your idea and ultimately take it to market. Before you license or manufacture your product you must safeguard your idea by seeking patent protection. You may have been strongly advised to have a Patent Attorney or Agent assist in preparing your patent application. This is great advice, and National Patent Services can now assist you with this entire patent application process.

At National Patent Services you start the process by only paying for the essential "First Step" which is a comprehensive patent search. 

Patent Searching Is A Skill

The official US Patent and Trademark Office web page for independent inventors states: "Conducting a thorough patent search is difficult, particularly for the novice. Patent searching is a learned skill."

Since 1994, our experienced search team has built a reputation among patent attorneys and patent agents coast to coast as the undisputed price leader among the leading professional search firms. Our location in northern Virginia gives us onsite access to the same powerful research database (EAST) that the Patent Examiners will use when they examine your application. We also use

Lexis TotalPatent for its outstanding English translations of foreign art.

At National Patent Services, the essential First Step is our specialty. We cannot stress strongly enough just how crucial it is to avoid those "invention companies" that claim to offer assistance in obtaining lucrative licensing and marketing deals as well as patent advice, often with large retainers and other fees required. 

With the search results as your guide, if you wish to move ahead then it's on to:

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