NPS Search/Service Rates

Patent Search Services Fees
Simple Mechanical Novelty Searches $550.00
Complex Mechanical, Computer Hardware, Software, Internet Applications, Medical Devices, Electrical, Communications, Optics, Chemical $750.00
Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Genetic Sequences, Pharmaceutics, Complex Chemical, Complex Electrical $950.00
Validity Studies $1500 minimum
Infringement, Freedom to Operate, Right to Use, Clearance $1500 minimum
Accelerated Examination Search Call for quote
Document Retrieval Services Fees
File Wrapper History
Emailed - PDF format, bookmarked $1.00 per page with a $50.00 minimum
Assignment, Maintenance Fee Record $50.00 per name
Certification & Legalization Services $75.00 per hour
$150.00 minimum
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