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> The search price is set prior to the start of the search.
> All searches are peer reviewed before being sent to the client.

Standard Search
The Standard Search is always performed by NPS's team of patent search professionals - it is never outsourced or subcontracted. The members of our search team average over 10 years experience in patent research. We utilize the power and speed of the Examiner's Application Search Tool (EAST), the same system through which your applications are searched by the Patent Examiners, located exclusively at the Alexandria Public Search Room. EAST gives NPS the ability to perform Class and Subclass Searching with full integrity, using Patent Image Retrieval, which when combined with key word boolean search strategies gives unparalleled results. EAST also provides access to USPTO, EPO, JPO, Derwent World Patent Index (DWPI) and US Published Patent Application databases, allowing more art to be considered than ever before. The Standard Search fee includes an e-mailed search report with a link to copies of all references cited. The Standard Search will be received within 10 working days.
Rush Service
The Rush Service includes all the features of a Standard Search -- except that it will be Expedited and be received within 5 working days.
Same Day 24-Hour Search Service
When your search absolutely must be done today, we will drop everything and perform your search. The Same Day Service includes all the features of the Rush Service -- except that the turnaround time is 24 hours.
Validity and Infringement Studies
The Validity and Infringement Studies include extensive research at the USPTO, including a search of the Examiner's foreign art collection (when available) and integrity searches of the most pertinent classes and subclasses. The East image retrieval system is used to expand the field of search to cover the broadest interpretations of your disclosure or patent claims. Upon request, NPS will expand a Validity Search beyond the Patent Office to include additional databases, the resources of the Internet or to other government research facilities including the Library of Congress and the National Institutes of Health. We generally require 3 weeks to complete a Validity or Infringement Study. Rush Services are also available for these studies.
Accelerated Examination Searches
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